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RS Regulate

The RS AK-300 Modular Side Mount System is the world’s first modular side rail system and allows users to change upper optic mounts as needed. In addition, users can adjust both over-bore and front-to-back position of the upper, ensuring their optic is perfectly placed.

AK-301M  Front-Biased modular lower

AK-302M  Rear-Biased modular lower
AK-303M  Full-Length modular lower
VZ-304M  Rear-Biased modular VZ lower
AK-306M  Front-Biased Yugo NPAP/OPAP modular lower
AK-307M  Full-Length Yugo NPAP/OPAP modular lower
AK-308M  Front-Biased Century Proprietary pattern modular lower
AK-309M  Full-Length Century Proprietary pattern modular lower
AK-310M  Full-Length M10/RH10/PSL modular lower
AK-311M  Front-Biased M10/RH10/PSL modular lower
AK-312M  Rear-Biased modular SAM7K lower
AK-353M  Full-Length VEPR modular lower

AK-358M  late Full-Length VEPR Super & Vepr Pioneer modular lower


AKM  30mm modular ring upper
AKMA  Aimpoint ACRO P-1 micro modular upper
AKMD  Bushnell TRS-25 or fixed-base micro modular upper
AKMF  Burris FastFire 3 modular upper
AKML  Aimpoint Micro or removable base micro modular upper
AKMP  Leupold Deltapoint modular upper
AKMR  Trijicon RMR modular upper
AKMT  Trijicon MRO modular upper
AKOT  Trijicon ACOG Compact modular upper
AKOG  Trijicon ACOG or Browe BCO modular upper
AKR  1913 Picatinny rail modular upper

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