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What Is The Best Tactical Shotgun For Your Home Part II

Posted on 22 Feb 2018
What Is The Best Tactical Shotgun For Your Home Part II

Best Tactical Shotguns For Home Defense Part 2

One of the reasons why this shotgun is such a great choice for tactical home defense is because of the sights. The front sight offers fiber-optic options and visibility, unlike many others. In a similar way to the M4, it has the Picatinny rail so you can always mount your own sights if desired.

It is a very comfortable design that can be felt in both the pistol grip and the way that the action pumps. In other words, you can handle the weapon easily. One of the benefits that this weapon has over the M4 is the adjustable stock. You will also find it easier to handle because it is lightweight.

Tactical Shotguns To Look Into (Continued)

As far as shotguns are concerned, this one is at the top of the list. It fits within most budgets and it is easy to handle and shoot.

3. Remington 870 Express

If you're looking for a high-quality shotgun that is well-made and contains many options, the Remington 870 express is one that you should consider. It is a reliable option that many homeowners find to be quite beneficial.

The overall weight of the Remington 870 is 7.5 pounds so it is lightweight, yet it certainly holds its own in durability. The 6+1 capacity of the pump action is also something to consider.

One of the downfalls of the Remington 870 is seen in the sights. You will have to rely on the single bead sight and it doesn't have a Picatinny rail included. Of course, for a tactical gun to be used around the home, the sights are sufficient but most homeowners want more. Even when you consider the downfall of the lack of adequate sights, it is an excellent choice for home defense.

4. Mossberg 930 Tactical

Most people make the assumption that every product Mossberg makes is top-of-the-line but that is not true. When you take a look at the weapons they make available for home defense, however, you find that they certainly live up to their name. The semi-automatic Mossberg 930 tactical is a shotgun that is well worth considering. With an eight-shot capacity, it provides you with that extra shell that may just come in handy in certain situations. The weight of the Mossberg is 7.75 pounds, and with a pistol grip, it is easy to handle.

One of the problems that some people experience when they first handle the Mossberg is that it is not extremely smooth. It is still a weapon that handles nicely and if you're looking for comfort and durability, it is well worth considering.

One of the ways in which the Mossberg shines is in the sights. It has a Picatinny rail included and you can maneuver it with ease, even though it is lacking in adjustable stock. If you're looking for a low-priced tactical shotgun for sale, then this is an option that you would want to consider for use in the home.

5. Benelli Supernova Pump Tactical Shotgun

When you compare the Benelli with the M4, you will find a number of comparisons that are worth noting. Those include the pistol grip, the stock and the weight of 7.6 pounds. The six shell capacity is somewhat lacking but the shotgun makes up for it in handling and comfort.

One of the prime benefits of this shotgun is the lack of recoil. The smooth action of the pump will be noticed from the first time that you use it and you will love having this one in your arsenal.

One of the downfalls of the Benelli is the lack of a Picatinny rail but you do have the choice of open rifle or ring style sights. Similar to the M4, you can use the tritium inserts along with the sights.

This is one of the better quality pump action tactical shotguns and it still comes in at a budget price. It's a great choice for defending your home.

Tactical Shotguns For Sale

These are just a few of the many tactical shotguns to look into as the right fit for home defense. Call Atlantic Firearms or contact us today for more information regarding finding the right one for you!

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