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The Most Deadliest Infantry Designated Marksman Rifles

Posted on 26 Mar 2018
The Most Deadliest Infantry Designated Marksman Rifles

7 Lethal Infantry DMR'S To 

The recent war against terrorism led to many innovations in weapon making, including the development of the specialist marksman rifles, or DMR. The DMR is a special kind of rifle which can be operated as a semi-automatic by an expert marksman, or DM. The role of the DM in the infantry is to use rapid, accurate fire in combat situations targetting enemies out as far as 1,000 meters. The 7.62mm NATO DMR has been brought into use to help military marksmen to fire with greater precision even at long range, and in terrain that can be quite challenging. The DMR allows for faster follow-up shots and makes it possible for a marksman to engage more than one target with speed and precision. The range of the DMR depends on the type of ammunition used, the skill of the marksman, and the optics that are fitted. There are several different rifles that can be classed as being a form of DMR, and this is a quick look at seven of the main types that are being used by the US Infantry.


This was the first of the modern U.S-made semi-automatic rifle. This 7.62mm ammunition using rifle was made after the M14 was introduced, and it is a direct impingement-type rifle which shares a lot of the features and design ideas that are found on the M16 and the M4. Armalite makes a number of different carbines and full-length rifles, including DMR-style rifles such as this AR-10 SuperSASS, which has a 20-inch triple lapped barrel which is ceramic-coated. It also has a free-floating rail system which can be used with optics or BUIS, an adjustable gas system, a light trigger and a PRS stock. It is a great rifle for use by the military. 


The FN Heavy MK17 carbine is a well-known model, but there is also the semi-automatic MK20 SSR, which is a Sniper Support Rifle that can be used as a DMR. The MK20 features a chrome-lined, 20-inch barrel that has been cold-hammer-forged, an upper receiver with a monolithic hard coat, and a rail system with attachments located at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock. The retractable stock folds to the side and has an easily adjustable cheek pad. There is a reciprocating, either-hand charging handle and an adjustable trigger. The upper receiver accommodates folding iron sights and it can be used with in-line day and night optics as well as other devices and accessories depending on the situation in which the rifle is being deployed.

The HK-417

This rifle is a 7.62mm NATO DMR Which can be used with a proprietary gas piston system. The rifle was designed to function correctly and be as reliable as possible, with no need for part replacement, no failures and no stoppages for 15,000 rounds with as much accuracy as possible. It is a super-reliable rifle with a  quad-rail system that has back up iron sights and that can take optics and many other accessories. It has ambidextrous controls, and the retractable buttstock features a battery compartment as well as an optional suppressor. It can be configured to work with 10 or 20 round proprietary setups, and with a 12 or a 16-inch barrel.  There are some other DMRs made by H&K, including the MR762A1 and the G21. The MR762A1 is a semi-auto version of the HK417 and the G28 is the DMR variation of that rifle.


The UK's Ministry of Defence has chosen this rifle as their DMR because it is well known for its accuracy and its effectiveness. It works well at COB distances and out up to 800 meters. Since it was taken up by the MOD it became known as the L129A1, and it has a lot of nice features, including a monolithic rail, a blackened stainless steel barrel that is 16 inches long, an adjustable front post sight, and an adjustable rear sight/carry handle. It also has a two-stage match trigger and a proprietary buttstock.


This is a rapid engagement precision rifle that is gas piston operated and semi-automatic. It has a NiCorr-treated, free floated barrel, and a flash suppressor. There are other REPR models that are still sold, and they all feature non-reciprocating, left-side charging handles, a pistol grip and an upper-receiver with folding iron sights. The rail system can accept attachments at 3, 6, 9 and 10 o'clock allowing users to equip any accessories. There is a non-adjustable two stage Giesselle trigger and a Magpul UBR stock. The rifle can be used with a suppressor or without, and it will run reliably with 20-round plastic PMAGS from Magpul


This was actually the first DMR that was used in the Global War on Terror. It was a rifle from the cold-war era originally, but it was given new optics, bipods, and stocks before being used in modern combat. The basic version of the M14 has a fixed front post sight, a rear sight for windage and elevation, protective wings and a two-stage trigger. The upgraded version has a national match two stage trigger with a lighter pull. Traditionally, they are used with a 20-round metal box, and they have always been found to be reliable, accurate and effective even in less than ideal conditions.

The M14 EBR

The Enhanced Battle Rifle and is an updated version of the M14 with a new chassis system. The Sage adjustable cheek pad and two-stage trigger, as well as the rail system that accommodates various accessories and optics, make this a reliable and versatile rifle. This DMR is more compact than many other rifles but still has good precision. The Navy uses a short 18-inch barrel, while the Marines and the army use the more standard 22-inch barrel. This modernized version of the Cold War M14 has a lot to offer in terms of accuracy and range and is a firm favorite of many of the armed forces because of the ease of use and reliability.


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