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  • Podavach Company

    Podavach U Loader- Company was founded by 2 good friends Alex and Ivan in 2015 .Since that time the company has grown to the well-known worldwide firearms accessories manufacturer with more than 10,000 loyal customers and 30 official dealers just in the US. During these 3 years, Podavach took part in numerous international firearms exhibitions and opened different fulfillment centers worldwide in order to deliver our products as fast as it is possible. By this time a set of different accessories for AR-15, AK, Ruger Mini owners was designed.


    Podavach Company's mission is to maximize pleasure from shooting-related activities.These days more than 20 people work on the creation of premium quality products. We managed to reach the level of quality when people not only purchase our products with pleasure but also spread the word among their friends.


    New Podavach U-Loader  - Launched in May 2018.

    “We always put the quality of our products to the first place. You can’t rely on 99% result when it comes to the gun-related industry. That’s why all our products are inspected with the quality control on every stage of the development.”, - Ivan, CTO of Podavach Company.


    Podavach Company only use natural eco-materials in manufacturing our products. Podavach make their products from Baltic Birch Plywood which is well known for its reliability. Podavach chose this material because it is durable, heat-resistant and doesn’t contain any harmful substances. Podavach also applies a special polymer finishing which makes their products totally waterproof and very durable.

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