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What Is The Best Tactical Shotgun For Your Home Part I

Posted on 22 Feb 2018
What Is The Best Tactical Shotgun For Your Home Part I

Best Tactical Shotguns For Home Defense

Most gun owners have a favorite gun, and they'll tell you all about it if you ask. Many different guns are considered "fun", but most of them don't do much for me. I prefer my guns to be functional, which is why I keep a shotgun around the house just in case of trouble. 

I've seen a number of tactical shotguns for sale, and I've bought many of them. I have no issues spending money on a solid tactical shotgun. They work great for close-range situations, which is exactly what you want for home defense. 

Handguns have too much range. If you shoot and miss, you're liable to hit someone in the next house over. Shotgun pellets won't get that far, so you have less chance of killing something you don't want dead. 

It's important to find a reliable shotgun. A tactical shotgun for sale at an especially low price is likely a low-quality shotgun.

Tactical Shotgun For Sale

You also want a shotgun with a fast cycle rate. If my first shot misses, I don't want to spend precious time trying to reload. I want to chamber another round and fire another shot as quick as possible. People presume that pump-action semiautomatic shotguns are unreliable. I haven't had that experience. At least, I've never had that experience with a high-quality tactical shotgun. 

I'm also picky about sights. This may seem ridiculous since shotguns are specifically low-range guns. However, when using them for home defense this can be helpful. A night-vision scope can help me spot someone more quickly than they can spot me. 

You Don't Need A License For A Tactical Shotgun 

I prefer a pistol grip on my shotgun. It's easier to control, which means I'm more likely to hit what I'm aiming at. It's not necessary, but it makes shooting easier. Some people prefer the traditional hunting style handle. I find that to be awkward. 

Here are my favorite shotguns. They're both 12-gauge, and I use Winchester PDX Defenders. 

1. Benelli M4 Tactical 

You may be looking at the screen with confusion, but hear me out. It's a high-cost shotgun, but it meets every single one of my requirements. It has a 5+1 capacity, which should be all you need. It's lightweight, only 7.8 pounds. 

I've never had an issue when cycling out shells, which is a major plus in my book. It loads quickly. The sights can be adjusted. You can also upgrade the sights with tritium inserts. It even has a Picatinny rail system. 

However, many people can't get past the price tag. This is understandable. If you're looking for a cheaper option, the Benelli M2 is a solid choice. 

2. Mossberg Model 500 Tactical SPX 

Mossberg designed this shotgun, and it's an absolute beast. This is another shotgun with a pistol grip and a 5+1 capacity. Many people prefer the pump action on this one, though. The sound of a Mossberg being pumped can scare off an intruder on its own. This lets you protect your home without firing a shot. It lets you save money on shells, as well. This makes it the best of both worlds!

No one wants to shoot another human being. No one wants to be in a position where they have to defend their home. Unfortunately, what people want and what happens aren't always the same thing. So if you're concerned about home protection, find a tactical shotgun for sale. Just make sure it's reliable and made out of high-quality parts. Otherwise, it stops being a great purchase and starts being a dangerous thing to have around the house.

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