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Upgrade Your AR-15 With These 8 Easy Steps

Posted on 26 Mar 2018
Upgrade Your AR-15 With These 8 Easy Steps

Tips For Upgrading Your AR-15

About AR-15 Upgrades

Although the AR-15 style rifle might have received a bad name after being involved in the Newtown and Aurora shootings it is still among my all-time favorite home defense weapons since if used properly it is lethal and still legal.   It is still possible to find an AR15 for sale.  Some people think that an assault rifle might not be the best option for self-defense, but haters are gonna hate no matter what.

The AR-15 is called America's Gun by some people.  They consider it to be the weapons industry rock star, the ultimate (and perhaps final) symbol of the basic freedoms we have - that old saying about having the right to bear arms not being infringed upon.  

For other people, the engineering porn of the weapon is obscene to them and shouldn't be in civilian hands.  What I say is it is the mother of all weapons that are legal, and I like the second amendment just as much or more as the first one. 

In this article, I am going to be showing you my AR-15 upgrades.  Let me know what your own favorite AR-15 upgrades are.  

In addition to its great looks, the AR-15 has this really amazing feature: nearly all parts are replaceable, which makes it a fully customizable and very versatile piece of gear.  The AR-15 upgrades allow you to build your own unique rifle.  

One of the major reasons for the gun's modularity is due to the AR-15 being so popular.  Numerous weapons manufacturers offer it as part of their portfolio.  Not to sound pompous, but there is one critical fact you need to understand: not every AR15 for sale is created equal.  What I mean is there are high-end versions and low-quality version, depending on which manufacturer made them.   The high-end bracket (such as Col) is going to cost you more money, but in the long run, it will be worth it. 

Why do people want to upgrade their AR-15?  Because it makes it "my rifle."  You will be able to say "there are many similar to it, but this gun is mine."  That is basically what Major General William Rupertus said, and I feel the same way. 

Given the massive number of aftermarket parts that are all widely available and interchangeable in gun stores, it is safe to describe the AR-15 as being an "open platform" weapon.  The AR-15 upgrades will make you a very happy owner and also will help you form an even stronger bond with the gun.  You'll probably end up naming your rifle after a girl, like in that awesome movie Full Metal Jacket. 

AR-15 Upgrades

Now let's see which DIY's are the best for your gun.  Some of these AR-15 upgrades you can make on your own, without being an engineer or gunsmith. 

All of the upgrades for the AR-15 are great. So I will just be randomly listing them.

1. The Grip

Let's begin with the grip. With its standard hard plastic thin profile A2 pistol grip, the AR-15 feels boring, bland, and uncomfortable, particularly if you have large hands.  If you use your assault rifle on a regular basis you can safely go with an aftermarket rip and in terms of both looks and ergonomics, you will notice a big improvement.    

2. Adding Texture

one of the most inexpensive and easiest AR-15 upgrades is stippling.  The process involves adding texture to a material made of polymer (magazines/grip) through the use of a hot tool to significantly increase the treated surfaces grip, and the aesthetics at times. 


3. The Trigger

The trigger could be the next AR-15 upgrade that you do.  Basically, any trigger style can be used on this gun.  Your imagination is your only limit.  The sky is truly the limit.  You can choose a non-adjustable, combat, adjustable, two-stage, single stage or tactical trigger.   

4. High-Quality Sights

Would you like to "feel the force?"  One of the more "manlier" AR-15 upgrades is to have backup iron sights.  This is a lost Jedi art for aiming in an old-school manner.  These days high tech optics are used on AR-15s, but it is fundamental to know how to aim using an open sight. 

5. Charging Handle

This is a "small touch" upgrade that really can make a big difference in your AR-15 rifle's overall feel, operation, and looks. 

6.  Stock AR-15 Upgrades

These are among the most common upgrades for the AR-15.  People want to know which is the best one.  However, the real question is which is the best one based on what my needs are.  Here we can discuss certain factors such as weight, cost, sling mounting options, storage options, adjustability, ease of use, weld, durability, and rigidity. 

7. Barrel Upgrade

This is another logical upgrade to make to your AR-15 rifle.  The barrel can be upgraded using various considerations, like profile, twist rate, length, cartridge chamber and so on.  It depends on how you will be using your terminal ballistics or rifle.  There are many different barrel upgrade options that are available.  So it would be futile to just recommend one option.  

8. Hand Guard

One of the most awesome AR-15 upgrades to me is the free-floating handguard.  In addition, to improving shooting precision and aesthetics, having an aftermarket free-floating handguard will allow you to attach all different types of gizmos (laser pointers,  night vision, optics, etc.) to your rile, due to its MIL-STD 1913 rails.


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