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The Most Lethal Weapons Of Modern Warfare Part 1

Posted on 26 Mar 2018
The Most Lethal Weapons Of Modern Warfare Part 1

The Most Lethal Guns Of Modern War Part I

Everyone is busy oohing and aahing over nuclear weaponry, stealth fighters, submarines, and few are focused on what the casualties of modern war truly involve when it comes to infantry on the ground, they're going to require guns.   

With all of the amazing advances in the last century, and as mortal competition has begun to require deadlier weaponry, there are many inventories that haven't even begun to be counted. Thanks to aircraft, tanks, missiles, subs and other modern inventions that weren't around centuries ago, many have failed to focus on the practicality of guns. 

However, there is still an invention that while conceived well over 500 years ago, has the first and foremost position on the modern day battlefield. Infantry weapons and the supporting arms were all that they had back then and regardless of the high tech equipment that today's modern battlefield holds, armed forces have long relied on their main staple of guns as the deadliest weapons. 

In his work on the Korean War, the historian T.R. Fehrenbach states that "you might fly over the land forever; you might even bomb it, pulverize it, atomize it, and wipe it clear of life-however, if you want to defend it, and keep it for the future generations, and protect it, it must be done from the ground". That said, here are the five deadliest guns of modern war. 


Of course, the undisputed king is the Avtomat Kalashnikova model 47, also referred to as the AK-47. Very reliable it's found frequently on Third World battlefields. You'll hear about it in American rap music and in Zimbabwe and just about everywhere in between. AK-47 has its very own iconic status. it's easy to recognize the symbol of a gun in the world. It's currently a gun that is carried by fighters in the Islamic States, Afghanistan has Taliban fighters who carry these and it's also found in a variety of factions in Libya and on both sides of the conflict in Ukraine. 

Per the story, the AK-47 is the brainchild of  Mikhail  Kalashnikov. He was a draftee of the Red Army, he showed a unique talent for designing small-arms. He was convalescing from injuries that he sustained on the battlefield. He assembled a prototype rifle. There is a bit of circumstantial evidence that it was partially designed by a German designer by the name of Hugo Schmeisser who created a very similar rifle STG44 in the year of 42. 

It's considered to be the finest standard-issue assault rifle. It uses a 7.62-millimeter cartridge which generates less recoil and is lighter than the traditional rounds that are used in the infantry rifles. It gives more control when it's fired in a fully automatic state and allows the user to carry even more rounds of ammunition into battle. 

It has long endured due to the lowest common denominator. With minimal training on how to use it, it's used due to its simplicity and thus can be handed out to troops without much fuss. Minimal maintenance is also required and users won't have too many struggles to use it. It requires little lubrication if any, and the disassembly is quick and easy. When you're out on the battlefield, these are all important considerations, especially if you have untrained personnel using the rifle. 

There are an estimated one hundred million of the AK-47 and all of the various varieties have been manufactured by various countries including the Soviet Union, North Korea, China, Yugoslavia, Egypt, and even the former Warsaw Pact. There may be as many as one AK-47 per 70 persons on the face of the Earth. Finland, Soviet Allies, Israel, and others have all built variations of the model and even the Russians have a model that is similar though takes a lighter 5.4-millimeter. 


In 1956 the modern M16 was invented by Eugene Stoner who was testing its predecessor AR-15. He was at an Infantry School in Fort Benning. It would be another 4 years before the M16 would enter the United States and be utilized by the United States Air Force. The army would quickly jump on board and begin using it in 1965 and the Marines followed suit by 1966. 

while the AR-15 was reliable, it had many misconceptions regarding how it should be cleaned and serviced. This led to a poor reliability rate while troops were over in Vietnam. This exacerbated the issue and the M16 was a self-loading system that made it far easier. the gasses and the carbon residue would cycle back into the internal mechanism of the weapon. 

Recently, the M16A4 weighted in at a mere 8.79 pounds when loaded with a 30-round magazine. It's effective to 550 meters and has a sustained rate of fire in that it can fire 12-15 rounds per minute. It can emphasize armor piercing capacity over lethality on NATO battlefields. It's being phased out slowly in favor of M855A1 rounds. 

Originally, the M16 has led to the improved M16A1 and by 1967 the M16A2 in 1986 and a shorter run M16A3 was used by the Navy SEALS while the M16A4 was standard issue to the Marines. Currently, the M4A1 carbine is the standard issue for the Army and it's identical except it has a shorter barrel is collapsible and can be fired as a fully automatic weapon. 

Clearly, the M16 has evolved as a reliable model and it's very adaptable and can have a variation of practicalities. There are military and civilian versions and they've become a favorite over the past 10 years.

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