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Your Provider Of Reliable Semi-Automatic Rifles Part 2

Posted on 19 Dec 2017
Your Provider Of Reliable Semi-Automatic Rifles Part 2

The Most Reliable Semi-Automatic Rifles For Sale

The WASR 10 is now mainly built overseas and then gets finished in the U.S., so we cannot entirely count that being an American AK.  But it does show us the improvements Century made to its baseline rifle.  Two of the new models that Century makes are the C39 V2 and RAS47.  These rifles are both completely built within the United States.  Both of them feature high-quality nitrided barrels that will last as long as chrome lined barrels do (anybody who claims otherwise really doesn't know what they are saying).  These rifles are both well built to very high standards.  There is a stamped receiver on the RAS47, and a forged on on the C39.  The C39 costs around $700 and the RAS47 about $640. 

Another company that had a terrible reputation was IO Inc.  IO initially had a promising future.  It was originally based in North Carolina and was among the first companies that started to produce a 100 percent made in the USA AKM.  However, beginning in about 2010, the company started to quickly go downhill.  After a lot of research was done, it was discovered that the problems stemmed from its employees.  The company was nearly shut down due to terrible manufacturing, customer service, and other problems.

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Honestly, if I had been the owner of IO, I think I would have given up.  However, IO's owner, Uli Wiegand, didn't do that.  Instead, he stuck with it.  He completely closed his North Carolina shop and took all of his equipment and moved into a new manufacturing facility on the space coast of Florida.  All new staff was hired by IO and they were trained before the company reopened in 2013. 

Today, IO offers very well built products.  When I saw the new AKS from IO I was shocked. All American parts, Nitrited Barrels, and many other options which makes this rifle an excellent addition to the American-made AK family.  It has excellent accuracy and reliability.  They are among the most accurate AKs at their price point that I have seen.  You might be wondering what that price point is?  For an M247 model in either wood or synthetic or wood stock, it costs about $500 to $550. 

One of my favorite companies right now is DDI.  This company is fairly new and is based in Knoxville, Tennessee.  DDI has been able to take some fairly impressive technological leaps ahead of many other companies. This can be seen in its fenocite barrel.  You might be wondering what fenocite is.  Simply put, it is a gas and chemical process that hardens steel to about 70 on the Rockwell hardness scale.  It is about the same level of hardness as chrome and thought to last 1/3 longer.  Only time will tell on that.  However, DDI makes rifles that are reasonably priced, reliable and beautiful.   I would have to almost say that these rifles have nearly the same quality as the more expensive Arsenal.  The DDI AK is available for about $700.    

The Future

If God grants us a bit more time before the hard times fall on us, there are some other AKs that are going to be American made.  Since the Obama Administration placed an embargo on all Russian made firearms, there are many AK producers that have been forced to look to the US to produce their products.  The Russian Weapons Company is getting ready to start producing the Russian patterns AKs within the U.S.  For years, the Palmetto State Armory has been building quality AR-10 and AR-15 platform rifles.  It has joined the AK-producing realm now.  I trust Palmetto State.  It produces high-quality firearms.   A Palmetto AK costs about $650 to $750.     

In conclusion, if you are searching for a semi-automatic sporting rifle (don't call it an assault rifle or I will reach right through my computer screen so I can slap you!) as an addition to your gun safe or preps, then you should consider an AK and shop AR15.  It is a reliable platform that you will be able to count on to keep functioning even in the worst conditions.  This rifle can provide your loved ones with security if that ever becomes necessary in addition to putting meat on your table.

Visit our blog for more exciting information on our semi-automatic rifles, before making your decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or contact Atlantic Firearms now!

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