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Your Provider Of Reliable Semi-Automatic Rifles Part 1

Posted on 19 Dec 2017
Your Provider Of Reliable Semi-Automatic Rifles Part 1

The Most Reliable Semi-Automatic Rifles on the Market

When you are shopping for a semi-automatic rifle, it can be hard to find the perfect one - there are a number of different rifles out there, and it can be hard to pick out one that you can afford and that you also enjoy shooting. Are you an AK-47 kind of guy, or do you love the Colt AR-15?

Many people find that they assume that they'll like one, but once they pick up something different then they find that it is perfectly suitable for them. The AK-47, for example, may seem like a basic rifle, but it's one that can handle a lot of abuse, so people love it. You can put thousands of rounds through it and not have to worry about it jamming, misfiring, or failing to feed properly. The AR-15 is a very accurate rifle - some feel more accurate than the AK-47 - but it's not something that you would want to shoot time and time again because of the maintenance requirements. The AK-47 has an undeservedly bad reputation when it comes down to accuracy. It may not have the pinpoint accuracy of the AR's, but it is perfectly suitable for hunting deer, which is what most people would be doing with it.

The M1A and the AR-15 are the rifles that most people are used to shooting, but the AK-47 is starting to be seen more and more at the range, and more people are opting to import them. They were, for a while, imported from China or Romania - and for 'Made in China' goods they bust the stereotype and were exceptionally well made. Today, there are AKs that are made in America, and they are robust, durable, fun to shoot and capable of handling thousands of rounds without trouble.

Great Shooting Made in America

The first American-made AKs can be considered to be the ones made by Arsenal in Las Vegas. These are new production rifles made in a state of the art facility, and the quality of them is incredibly high. They were made from scratch, where the majority of other American producers of AKs would simply buy and de-mill weapons that were made in Communist countries, and then re-assemble the parts to make a semi-automatic version suitable for use by US civilians. These parts-made guns were acceptable in quality, but not outstanding, which is a part of the reason for AK's less than stellar reputation.

Shop AK47 Models

With Arsenal, though, the AKs are brand new, with cold hammer forged chrome lined barrels, riveted receivers, and precision aligned sights. The rifles can come with a forged or stamped receiver depending on your preferences, and there are several standard chamberings to choose from as well. For this high build quality, you would need to pay around $1000, but that gets you a rifle that you will be able to pass down from generation to generation, instead of something that feels like a throwaway addition to your gun locker for weekend shooting.

There are other companies that you can choose, too. Century Arms, for example, has traditionally made guns that aren't exactly great looking, and that are bargain basement, but that go around forever. They would use 5.56x45mm chambered barrels but on a rifle chambered for 5.45x39mm, and the results of this were as poor as you would expect. Combine that with less than stellar warranties and customer service and you can understand why there was a lot of anger towards them.

This has changed, though, and Century has started to produce much better products over the last few years. Their WASR 1, which has always been functional but not stunning looking is now much nicer, with good stocks and riveting, and without the ugly canted sights. The WASR 10s constructed after 2012 have a stamped receiver and a chrome lined, hammer forged barrel. They've kept their affordable pricing now, and this means that it makes them a great choice for people who are looking to get started shooting. 

It's not easy to shop AK47's that are in the 'starter' price range but that has quality that makes them worth shooting, but when you do find one it will last you for a lifetime - it may even last several lifetimes - these are the guns that you would want in your arsenal for the zombie apocalypse, and that will serve you well on the range, for hunting, and for family shooting and bonding sessions too. So do your homework and pick out an AK that you know will perform well, no matter what the conditions.

If you're unsure of what AK47 to purchase, we invite you to call us now or contact us today for help with your decision.

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