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End The Debate Between Which Firearm Holster Is Right For You

Posted on 12 Jan 2018
End The Debate Between Which Firearm Holster Is Right For You

The Holster Debate Continues -  Leather Versus Kydex

Leather or Kydex - this has been a common discussion among shooters ever since the Kydex holster came out in the 1970s. Leather isn't going anywhere and has managed to stay in the lead, however, and there are good reasons for that. 

If we're being honest, you really can't go wrong either way, but there are some differences that can't be ignored. Both holster options have their pluses and minuses, but the cons for one are a little more key than the other. As an example... 

If you've ever drawn your weapon from a Kydex thigh holster, you are familiar with the scraping/clacky sound it makes. While you may think this sounds cool, the reality is this sound is the result of your weapon rubbing against the holster, which will eventually wear down the finish on the gun. If you care about the finish on your weapon, naturally, this is something you would want to avoid, making the Kydex holster unappealing to you. 

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Despite this flaw, Kydex holster while well known for their safety and quality, and it works quite well as a holster for most people. 

Leather holsters aren't perfect either, and if they aren't taken care of properly, defects in the holster could occur near the trigger well. This may not sound like a huge issue, but the reality is it could result in an accidental discharge that could cause you to end up with a bullet in your leg. 

However, this issue is easily avoided if you simply take the time to care for your leather holster properly. 

The Benefits of a Leather Holster 

If you care for your leather holster properly, it will probably be around longer than you will. In fact, many holsters in use today have already outlived their original owner and are now being enjoyed by someone else. You can even find holsters in museums that are over 150 years old that are still in great shape. So, unless you plan to bury your holster with you, be prepared to put it in your will for your next of kin because it isn't going anywhere. 

In addition to the high quality of leather, it also has a classy appearance that can't be duplicated by other holster materials. Nothing matches the nostalgic feeling one experiences when seeing a Colt Peacemaker resting comfortably inside a well-oiled yet gently worn cowhide leather holster. One benefit of leather that many folks don't consider is how great they are for concealed carry purposes. A well-constructed leather holster is comfortable, flexible, and usually doesn't get hung on clothing, which could be a huge issue when you need your weapon most if that were to happen. 

The Benefits Of Kydex 

One of the key benefits Kydex has over leather is the cost(typically less expensive), as well as its ability to stand up to mud, dirt and moisture, and pretty much anything else you can think of. And, unlike leather, it requires very little maintenance and upkeep to maintain. At most, you might have to wipe it down with a cloth once a year but for most, a simple prayer is all the maintenance that will be required.

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No matter which side of the debate you fall on, it's doubtful this article is going to change your mind when it comes to your preference, but it's a fun topic to discuss anyway. For a good rule to consider when it comes to deciding which holster is the best for you, consider the following: 

If you want to look your best with a holster that passes every test, go with leather. 

Otherwise, you could always go with Kydex.

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