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Increase Home Security With The Right Firearm for You & Your Family Part 2

Posted on 12 Jan 2018
Increase Home Security With The Right Firearm for You & Your Family Part 2

Home Defense Tactics to Help Keep You Safe Part 2

Sometimes, you might have to engage a target that is in motion. It will take practice to get proficient at doing that at speed. You should take some time to get used to acquiring targets, engaging them, and also cycling your weapon. This is something that you have to actually practice on a moving target to get used to it, and it is very hard to do - but the more time you spend gaining experience in looking down your sights, the easier the task will become.

How to Protect Yourself

In an ideal world you would always be protected, wearing Kevlar and surrounded by the plate - but that's no way to live. There are, fortunately, more efficient ways to protect yourself and your family.

There isn't really much useful cover in a house - yes, there's furniture, but most of it is flimsy and possible for bullets to penetrate. The only thing that really protects people is a brick wall. If you want to stay safe, be behind a wall whenever you can be, and try to change the positions from which you shoot, so that you are harder to pin down. Don't stand unless you absolutely have to - it's harder to be shot at if your body is not exposed.

Get used to acquiring and engaging targets while most of your body is concealed - the quicker you can do this, the safer you will be.

Take into account where you are shooting, and consider whether someone is actually going to be behind whatever you're shooting at. Remember that your assailants will also be trying to take cover. Having a plan, and knowing where to shoot to target someone who is likely taking cover will go a long way towards increasing your chances of success and survival.

Useful Weapon Accessories

There are some useful accessories - but a lot of them are a waste of money, and even the ones that are useful can be counter-productive if you start using them as a crutch. There are, however, a couple of accessories and firearms for sale that are worth investing in.

Firearms For Sale

A good sight will make it much easier for you to shoot - a red dot sight can be used with both eyes open - just point the weapon, and shoot. This kind of ease of use is handy in high-stress situations, and it's also useful if you expect to be shooting at night.

Another useful, if not glamorous, an accessory is a bright flashlight. It's never ideal to be directly in front of your target, but a good flashlight will buy you a bit of extra time, and will potentially allow you to disorient your target so that you have time to either take cover or engage.

Some Final Considerations

There's one final tactic that is worth investigating. If you have a room in your house that is clear, then the tactic of 'slicing the pie' could be beneficial. This tactic is hard to explain in words, but there are some clear and concise videos explaining it on YouTube, so it is worth taking a look at them and mentally drilling the tactic just in case you need it. It is a simple but effective way of clearing a room, should you need it, and it will go a long way towards helping to keep you and your family safe. As always, practice and mental preparation can save lives.

In conclusion, Atlantic Firearms is here to lead the way on finding you the appropriate firearm to keep you, your family, and your belongings secure during these specific scenarios. Call us today or contact Atlantic Firearms to learn more!

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