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Atlantic Firearms Addresses The History of the Armored Vehicle

Posted on 06 Dec 2017
Atlantic Firearms Addresses The History of the Armored Vehicle

The History Of Armored Fighting Vehicles

The tank or armored fighting vehicle is a robust, compact machine that came out during World War 1 to combat rival forces and their technologies. At the time, it was nothing more than a big piece of machine that was sluggish and didn't provide quality results. However, this has changed over time as the armored fighting vehicle is one of the most effective pieces of equipment on the planet right now. It has progressed over the years and become a significant role player in warfare.

It was early in the 1900s when the tank came up as a potential innovation. It was never expected to become such a prominent part of warfare, but the idea had been around for generations. It aged back to the times of the Greek civilization where they were looking to use the Phalanx as a way to combat the Romans and their siege engines. The innovation had seen numerous forms as the greatest minds on the planet started getting creative with how a tank would look on the ground in wars. After centuries of warfare, it has come to the point where multiple sizes, features, and builds are available to countries of all shapes. It's not limited to the rich.

In the beginning, the tank was nothing more than a way to show progress. The initial sketches were minimalistic and didn't offer a lot nor did they look like tanks do nowadays.

It was a tank by the name of "The White Model 1917 4X2" that started to kickstart America's use of tanks or armored fighting vehicles in warfare. They needed something in the World War and felt the tank was useful because it was compact and produced 45 horsepower. The tank weighed in at four tons and used a simple four-cylinder engine that could reach speeds up to 40 MPH. The design had been created to include a compelling .30-caliber machine gun for war and had been designed by a man named Van Dorn in Cleveland. It was put through rigorous testing in Oklahoma (Fort Sill) before being released. However, it never managed to get mass-produced.

As time went on, they started taking a look at holt tractors for World War 1. It was going to be used as a way to transport artillery pieces as it would be simple. 

The progress has been noticeable with the clunky boxes being turned into proper mechanical machinery that's potent in all situations. The tanks of nowadays are sturdy, compact, and mobile. They can get from one point to another in a matter of seconds.

FOX Armored Vehicle

Adna Chaffee Jr., a Major General in the US Army, stated machines were the way of the future and would become a big part of modern warfare. He was right since most machinery has become advanced and is now included in wars. The progression was encouraged by the likes of George Patton and Dwight D. Eisenhower because of the value it brought to the US army.

Contemporary tanks are all about providing a well-rounded machine for warfare where it can work on the offensive or defensive depending on the army's needs.

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