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Atlantic Firearms : Why The AR 15 Is The Firearm For You

Posted on 06 Dec 2017
Atlantic Firearms : Why The AR 15 Is The Firearm For You

A Beginner's Guide To The AR15 - "America's Rifle"

The modern AR15 is an incredibly diverse system.  In addition to its impressive history, its modular design is one of its major attractions.  Nearly every part of the weapons system is easy to replace.  There is no other platform in today's market that has as much aftermarket support.  It may be configured in the form of a long-range precision weapon or as a short barrel rifle (SBR) or close quarters combat pistol (CQB).  It may be chambered for a broad range of calibers from the .50 Beowulf to the .221r.  Early AR15 models along with their M16 counterparts were 20-inch rifles.  Most AR15s in today's commercial market are 16 inches or shorter carbines.  This platform is very popular with numerous consumers based largely on its standardized parts interchangeability and very strong aftermarket support.


However, given that there are numerous looks and configurations, many new consumers get overwhelmed with all of the choices they are faced with.  In order to address these concerns, we have written this document so that first-time consumers can be well-informed.  A bit of knowledge can really go a long way towards helping you spend your hard-earned money wisely.  The only wish that we have is to provide you with sufficient general and background information so that you can make a smart purchasing decision, and we try our best to stay as objective as we possibly can.   We also want to make sure you understand that we are providing you with a general overview and won't be going into too much depth on every explanation.  Hopefully, after you read this, you with have a good appreciation and understanding of the AR15.     

Brief History Of the AR15 

Eugene Stoner developed the AR15 during the 1950s as a 5.56x45 mm lightweight version of the NATO AR10 7.62.  In 1959 the first AR15 was manufactured.  It was designed to be a lightweight rifle shooting a lightweight round, to enable more rounds to be carried per loadout by infantrymen when going on patrol or into battle.  


The AR15 for the modern-day civilian market is a semi-automatic firearm.  However, the original AR15 was an automatic (select fire) weapons that was only intended to be used for military purposes.  It is important to be aware of the fact that the AR that is marketed as being an M4 isn't a true M4 unless it has automatic/select lower receivers that have 14.5-inch barrels with a carbine gas system and automatic fire control groups.  In addition, M16s are select automatic/fire with 18 inch or longer barrels and a rifle gas systems.  Also, the upper receiver usually has a carry handle.  Unless you live in a state where NFA gun ownership is allowed, and are willing to go through all of the paperwork and then wait for it to process, you will be unable to obtain an authentic automatic M16 or M4.  Everything else is really an AR15, no matter what the receiver has stamped on it.     

Determining Which Is The Best AR For You:

The first question you need to ask is: "How will I be using the rifle?"  The options and style that will be the most important for your choice will be governed by whatever your intended use is.  It needs to include whatever type of shooting you are intending to do, as well as the distances you will be doing it from. If you happen to live in a city and do all of your shooting at a rifle range, then you will, of course, be limited to whatever distance your range has available.  If shooting prairie dogs from 500 yards is what you want to use the gun for, then you might have a very different choice compared to intending to use it for home defense.  Simply put, if you would like to target shoot from 1000 yards that is possible, but it won't be the same AR that is used for a home defense rifle.  

The second question you need to ask is: "Should I make an AR or purchase a complete one?"  This is a completely subjective question.  In our opinion, if you are comfortable assembling Ikea furniture or repairing a bicycle, then you should be able to build the lower receiver at least on your own.  It really isn't that hard.  You will have the extra benefit of being able to learn all of the inner workings of your AR.  It really is a basic machine.  There isn't anything mysterious about it.  Getting a barrel installed on the upper receiver is somewhat difference some more specialized tools are required, but if you would like to build a lower receiver of your own and buy a complete upper receiver then you might be able to save some money.  In the process, you will also learn plenty about how the gun functions, and have the chance to select each component that goes into your rifle. 

Buying a complete rifle is definitely a valid option, and that is the route that many people choose.  The main benefit is you won't need to spend time assembling everything and there is also a manufacturer's warranty that comes with it (just remember that if warranty work needs to be done, you will probably need to ship in your rife and be without your firearm for a while it is being repaired.)  These days competition is fairly fierce, so if you do some shopping around you should be able to find a complete AR15 for around the same price or even less than what it would cost you to build it yourself.

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