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Atlantic Firearms Educates On The AR15

Posted on 06 Dec 2017

Learn Some Facts About Modern AR 15 Sporting Rifles

Modern sporting rifles are based off the AR-15 platform, which you can easily see if you ever Google 'AR 15 prices' and look at the images of the listings. Unfortunately, they're widely misunderstood. Why is this? There's a lot of confusion given the fact that these rifles might cosmetically look just like military rifles, although they don't actually function similarly. Additionally, the groups that have long sought to ban such rifles either intentionally, ignorantly, or both have disseminated misinformation in support of their cause.


If you're a gun owner, be an informed one. That's the simple request of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The following paragraphs include facts you can use to correct any misconceptions you or others have about such rifles. Keep in mind that if modern AR-15-style sporting rifles get banned, then your traditional hunting and target-shooting semiautomatics might be next.

Downloadable Pocket Fact Cards

Looking up AR 15 prices online will show you AR-15-platform rifles, and these are some of the most popular and modern sporting rifles and firearms beings old on the market today.

Do you wonder what the AR in the term AR-15 stands for? ArmaLite rifle is your answer, which is the company that originally developed it back in the 1950s. AR is not something that stands for automatic rifle or assault rifle.

AR-15-style firearms are not considered assault rifles or assault weapons. Assault rifles are fully automatic. They're machine guns. Automatic firearms haven't been allowed for civilians to own since 1934.

When someone calls an AR-15 an assault weapon, that person supports the ban on these weapons or doesn't truly understand the function and sporting use. Possibly, it's both. Do what you can to correct them. The term 'assault weapon' is actually political lingo coined by anti-gun legislators from California who wanted to ban semi-automatic rifles in the state in the 1980s.

AR-15-style rifles look a lot like military rifles, such as M-16s, but they actually function like civilian sporting firearms, which are semi-automatics. Those only fire one single round with every pull or depression of the trigger.

Modern sporting rifles have versions legal to own in each of the 50 states, given the buyer passes a mandated FBI background check that's required for all retail purchases of firearms.

Civilian sporting rifles have seen evolution since the 1800s from the predecessors in the military. Modern sporting rifles simply follow those traditions.

The accuracy, reliability, versatility, and ruggedness of these rifles serve both hunters and target shooters quite well. They're among the few all-weather firearms.

Chamberings can include .450 Bushmaster, .308, 6.8 SPC, .223 (5.56 x 45mm), .22, and roughly a dozen others. You can find .410 shotgun versions if you search AR 15 prices deeply enough, and upper receivers for various pistol calibers include .45, .40, and 9mm.

AR-15-style firearms aren't any more powerful than any other hunting rifle of equal caliber. In many cases, they are chambered in calibers which are less powerful than many big-game hunting cartridges such as the .300 Win. Mag or the 30-06 Springfield.

One of the great things about the AR-15 platform is its modularity. Owners love the ability to affix various 'uppers' (the chamber and barrel) onto the 'lower' (the stock or grip).

When you find great AR 15 prices that fit your budget, you'll discover how much fun they are to shoot.

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