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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hunting With Shotguns

Posted on 26 Mar 2018
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hunting With Shotguns

Things You Should Know About Hunting With Shotguns

A shotgun is a great tool in a hunter's arsenal. It can be far better for home defense than other guns due to its low-penetration. This also makes it great for beginners. When you take into account the range of shell types, you've got a gun that can be used for any kind of short-range game. 

Things You Can Hunt 

Shotguns are great for any game you have to flush out. This means nearly any bird, such as geese, ducks, doves, quails, and others. There's birdshot in both 20 or 12-gauge models, and you'll want that type of shell if you're hunting birds. The pellets spread wide quickly which allows them to hit birds as they try to flee. 

Shotguns can be used for any game that's known to flee quickly. Rabbits, squirrels, and other varmints can be shot with slightly larger shell, and buckshot helps you catch a big game before they get away. Shotguns can even reach a longer range by using slugs rather than shells. Slugs also give a larger penetration diameter, which helps you take down larger game. 

Specs and Ranges 

When considering shotguns for sale, it's important to consider range. Ammunition type has a big impact on the overall range a shotgun can offer. Pellets don't go very far due to being small and lightweight. Slugs - which are a large, single shot - reach around 75 yards whereas pellets only hit around 40. Shotguns will never have the accuracy of a rifle. However, they often don't need that accuracy. Between the various ammunition types and the pump-action allowing for quick shots, there's no better gun for fast-moving targets. 

There are two common shotguns for sale - the 12-gauge and the 20-gauge. Gauge is a term referring to how wide around the barrel is. The higher the gauge, the smaller the barrel is. A 12-gauge is larger. It's heavier and it has more recoil than a 20-gauge does. 

Shotgun ammunition comes in gauges as well, rather than caliber as in other gun ammunition. As mentioned, shotgun ammunition can vary quite a bit. A shell is the standard ammunition type. It's a self-contained cartridge, which is loaded with pellets. Buckshot and birdshot are the same types of shell, but buckshot contains fewer, much larger pellets. The size of the pellets allows them to be useful to the larger game. A slug is nothing more than a standard bullet, but for the shotgun. It's one solid projectile, which makes it the most damaging ammunition you can load into a shotgun.


Bow Hunting And Shotgun Hunting, How They Compare 

Many hunters dabble in both gun and bow hunting on a regular basis. However, it's better to choose a single weapon if you're just beginning or trying to increase proficiency. Focusing on a single weapon will allow you to spend more time training, which in turn allows for quicker mastery. 

Hunting is entirely different when you use a shotgun rather than a bow. Small game hunting can be extremely challenging. Unless you have amazing accuracy, you'll miss most of the shots you take a small, fast-moving game. 

While a hunting bow has decent range, the large game is difficult to take down unless you're rather close. If you don't have the skill, training, and luck to stalk a target, then you're unlikely to make a clean kill. Shotguns almost always promote a higher success rate when bringing down the game. 

Tags, Regulations, and Seasons 

Outdoor hunting laws tend to be a bit complex. It doesn't help that they vary between the states. Make sure to check the local laws about hunting. The last thing anyone wants to do is bag game out of season. When considering seasons and regulations, bowhunting is generally better. 

While many landowners won't allow guns on their property, they're more forgiving of bowhunters. Arrows are unlikely to do as much damage as a gun when a shot is missed. Hunting on private property can be much cheaper than going into the state-owned land, which means bowhunters can often hunt at a much lower cost. Gun hunting can be expensive. 

Tags sold over the counter tend to be sold on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you're just beginning then you should go for these. There's no need to be competitive for them. Experienced hunters tend to have better luck in a lottery. 

Archery hunting seasons are generally longer than seasons for hunting with guns. There are some areas where the seasons overlap. Think carefully about hunting in these areas, many archers dislike sharing their territory with gun hunters. It can also be dangerous, though accidental shootings are rare and only tend to happen when safety techniques are not observed. 

This is one of the major reasons archery season tends to start before gun season. Guns can scare off the game, which leaves less for archers. However, gun hunters have a disadvantage depending on how much game was taken down before they started hunting. All said gun hunters have an advantage in terms of weather. It's warmer earlier in the season. 

What's Best For Beginners? 

Shotguns are perhaps the most versatile gun ever made. They can perform almost all the same functions as a rifle. It also boasts a wide range of ammunition types, which gives it even more versatility. Home defense, small game, large game, these are just a few of the potential uses of a shotgun. It may not be the most effective long-range gun, but it can still give enough range to hit what you're trying to hit. It can't be beaten in terms of short range accuracy. 

Shotguns for sale are often cheap, so taking up hunting as a beginner doesn't require a huge financial investment. They also easier to acquire than other guns since sporting goods shops will carry shotguns where they can't carry other gun models. 

Shotguns can also be easily modified with additional parts and accessories. Not only can these aftermarket accessories help steady and aim your shot, they can help you hold the gun more comfortable and give you several other advantages. 

There isn't a more versatile gun than the shotgun when you're looking for a gun that can do it all. If you want to find some great shotguns for sale, Atlantic Fire Arms has what you need at their online website.


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