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Customize Your AK47 To Make It A Showstopper

Posted on 19 Dec 2017
Customize Your AK47 To Make It A Showstopper

5 Tweaks You Can Make To Your AK-47 To Turn It Into A 200-Yard Show Stopper

There isn't anything quite like that sweet scent of lithium grease as it drips into a splintery old wooden crate from an AK-47.  If you would like to have a battle rifle that originally was designed for being able to withstand abuse from battlefields and conscript armies and came with steel-cased ammunition, then the AK4 on sale is the infamous and historic rifle you are searching for. 

The AK-47 rifle is infamous for being a clunker and doesn't carry nearly the same high-precision tolerances that the AR-15, its lightweight enemy, does (at least that is what AK loyalists claim).

However, Mikhail Kalashnikov, the rifle's father, would certainly agree: the AK-47 is not aimed.  Instead, it aims you!  

Well, let's see if we can change that.  To 200 yards at least, anyway.

No.1: Update the Furniture 

If you have ever picked a WASR-10 variant up and felt all of the love from the wooden cheek weld that these old stocks provide, then you most likely are very aware that it is a very tricky ordeal to maintain consistent marksmanship under this kind of configuration.  This is why I suggest that you first update the furniture since a 6-point polymer adjustable stock will allow for a more consistent cheek weld and a much more comfortable also.

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This includes the additional benefit of the rifle offering an adjustable pull length.  It is quite nice, particularly for those who have longer arms than the typical Soviet conscript from the Cold War era.  Ths is why it doesn't need to have a really expensive tactical sniper stock, given you aren't looking to get sub-MOA performance out of it. 

Realistically speaking, you can get away with having a ProMag Archangel or Tapco T6 setup.  I recommend that you buy the forend that has a bottom Picatinny rail, given that being able to add a foregrip can help to manage some of the 7.62-39 recoil, which can be quite bouncy.  

No.2: Add on a Quality Rail 

The AK lets you skimp in some places and go with a cheap option.  However, I wouldn't do that with the Picatinny rail over the receiver.  Your optics precision depends on having something that doesn't dance with the fired round, and if you have a cheap UTG it really won't cut it. 

What is so nice about the rail system from Ultimate Arms Gear is that it is secured to the rear sight and the trunnion, which provides your optic with incredible stability.   

Purchasing one will cost you around $50, but it definitely is better than wasting your money on a rail that either is attached to a really rickety dust cover or is too high for establishing a good cheek weld.  

No.3: Switch to Polymer PMags    

In terms of AK-47 magazines, it doesn't really get much more reliable and durable than the real stamped one.  However, although this article is all about improving accuracy, for AK owners it is an absolute necessity to switch to polymer PMags. 

A new Magul PMags set will not only provide a significant weight advantage compared to their steel counterparts but over the years they have also proven their great value, especially with troops that have used them in combat zones on their ARs. 

It is also becoming well known that the most common cause of rifle function failures is the magazine.  That is why if your magazines are upgraded it should have a beneficial and noticeable effect on how your AK feeds and runs. 

No.4: Extended Magazine Release 

Would you like to add an unusual modification to transform your AK into an incredible tactical asset? All you need to do is add a Speed Catch Extended Magazine Release to your AK-47 and it will be sure to raise some eyebrows whenever you are at the gun range doing a rapid reload. 

Without having the modified magazine release, from a tactical standpoint the AK-47 reload is very time-consuming and notoriously challenging.  Compared to the AR, for gun lovers, this has been a major deal-breaker and has haunted this old Soviet rifle ever since the Stoner M16 made its debut.  

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However, when you have an extended magazine release, the reloads will finally be able to match the speeds your AR-toting friends are getting.  The incredibly stiff toggle on the front part of the trigger guard used to be a real pain to actuate.  However, now you can use your trigger finger to nudge it. 

Instead of hinder it, a lever should be adding leverage. 

No.5: Upgrade Your Sights 

Originally the AK47 was developed to be a round-slinging machine gun.  This fact is displayed quite blatantly in the rife's design fundamentals.  

We will not be discussing the internals of the rifle in this article, or the concept of wapping the barrel out, which kills the AK's accuracy (since the explosive forces in the heavy 7.62-39 cartridge have a tendency to cause lots of harmonic dissonance in the steel tube that is disproportionately lightweight). 

On the other hand, the sights are a fix that is quite doable.  If you don't plan to mount an optic, then buying a set of Tech-Sights (for around $110) is a good way of achieving a tight 1-2 MOA group from your AK.  Over the past couple of years, the effectiveness of the sights has been discovered by many reviewers, which has been a pleasant surprise for AK lover all over the world.

AK Accuracy Is A Birthright, Not a Punchline

AK47 Modifications

This should bring your AK's stamped receiver tolerances down as well as its inaccuracy issues.  Once those mods have been done, your weapon should be fit for nailing 200-yard shots much more consistently.  If you decide on using an optic, make sure to adjust 7 inches over the target in order to account for the lower tolerance of the 7.62-39 to resist gravity.

To start customizing your AK-47 or to purchase an AK47 on sale, contact us or call Atlantic Firearms today!

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