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An Array of AR-15 Rifle Accessories Part 2

Posted on 15 Dec 2017
An Array of AR-15 Rifle Accessories Part 2

Conclusion to the Accessories of An AR-15 Rifle

AR-15 Muzzle Brakes 

When a gun is fired, you wouldn't want your gun barrel to rise and disfigure your gun. The gun's muzzle break, which can be found in the muzzle of a firearm contains the gases that are released during firing to prevent this from happening. Muzzle breaks are commonly found on anti-tank guns to help control and counter recoil. Different forms of rifles have muzzle breaks that tame recoil and the power of the firing that may cause an unwanted rising of the barrel. 

A person that has good hand-eye coordination allows for better targeting, which is advantageous in shooting more accurate and timely follow-up shots. 

However, muzzle breaks also have disadvantages. Muzzle breaks cause a loud blasting sound leading to an increase in sound pressure, and can cause lead exposure especially to the shooter and close bystanders. This is due to the compression of sound, pressure waves, flash, and lead by the muzzle breaks, which without it, would be projected, far away from the shooter. 

But this disadvantage can be countered with the use of firing accessories. Muzzle breaks are still a good AR-15 rifle accessory you should definitely look into. 

AR-15 Silencers / Sound Suppressors 

When you buy AR-15 muzzle brakes, you might want to look into different forms of muzzle brakes. A silencer/sound suppressor is a form of muzzle break that reduces the loud noise it creates. Besides compressing the sound pressure and gases caused by firing, the silencer slows the gases and instead makes a squishy noise. 

AR-15 Sights & Optics (Scopes, Red Dot Sights, etc.) 

AR-15 rifles are usually used for long-range shooting. So when you buy an AR-15, you would want to look into buying accessories that can help you target. There are several choices for sights & optics accessories. The most popular one, commonly seen in TV and movies are the flip-up "iron signs" and "red dot" sights. Optical scopes can also be bought for longer range accuracy. 

These optical scopes can be upgraded to provide better targeting, shooting accuracy, and longer extent of range These upgraded optics are very accessible and affordable, which allowed civilian and military shooters to easily upgrade. 

Iron Sights 

Iron sights are included when you buy an AR-15. They allow you to see and target better in shorter distances. They can come in as fixed iron sights or flip-up sights. If you want to shoot longer ranges, optical sights are your best bet. But for a closer shooting range, iron sights prove to be more useful. 


An AR-15 is not built to be a long-range rifle. However, a high-quality scope can transform it into one. Having scopes give you the ability to reach beyond the standard 100 yards. Several options for scopes are available on the market today. Manufacturers such as Leupold and Bushnell offer an extensive range of scopes, which have different features and advantages.

Red Dot Sights 

A red dot sight helps the shooter with better targeting by illuminating a red dot in the current point of aim of the shooter. 

The red dot is illuminated using focused red LED light that is fixedly attached to weapon's sight. The red dot sight is easy to use even for rifle-shooting beginners, and has a longer battery life, which demonstrates cost-effectiveness. 

Folding/Collapsible Backup Sights 

Most AR-15 are customizable before you proceed to the checkout counter. You can choose to have upgraded sights or opt for the basic one that's included. Folding or collapsible backup sights can be helpful in times of unfortunate failure of primary sights. They can act as a safety net. The possibility of optic damage and running out of batteries often leads to an inaccurate aim and shooting.

Holographic Weapon Sights 

In contrast with the iron and red dot sights, a holographic weapon sight shows the shooter a reticle image of the target through a glass optical window. Optics and laser technology allows for the possibility of the formation of a hologram. This could be very useful if you are hunting during the night as it also provides night vision. In fact, holographic weapon sights are most optimal to use in the dark.

However, one disadvantage of a holographic sight is that it uses a lot more battery compared to red dot sights and scopes, as the laser and the complex technology needed to produce a holographic sight tend to use more power. 

AR-15 Parts 

Before you buy AR-15, you must educate yourself first on the inside parts of the gun. After usage, some parts of the rifle like the springs and rings will eventually lose its elasticity and would deteriorate the performance of the gun. It can disable the gun from firing or fire far away from the target.

Thanks to the modular design of an AR-15, these parts are easy to replace and the parts that commonly need replacing can be bought in complete kits. You can ask the store you bought or will buy your AR-15 from about the kits and the parts included. They would surely be more than glad to assist you in finding the needed parts for replacement and educating you on when and how to replace the parts.

AR-15 Modifications

Actually, if you buy AR-15, it would be best to purchase a parts replacement kit with alongside it. You will never know when those parts would become lose and need replacing. It is always better to be ready than being weaponless in times of urgent need. 

Individual AR-15 parts and accessories are both available for purchasing at your local store and online. There are many online stores and gun manufacturers that ship gun accessories and replacement parts.

Knowing the parts that need replacing and the necessary accessories that can maximize the performance of your gun, aim, and shooting would greatly benefit you in the long run and can save you from unforeseen circumstances and danger.

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