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All You Need To Know About AK Upgrades To Trick Out The Kalashnikov

Posted on 26 Mar 2018
All You Need To Know About AK Upgrades To Trick Out The Kalashnikov

The Different AK Rifle Upgrades To Consider 

Below are some of the top functional and ergonomic AK upgrades that will allow you to take your treasured Kalashnikov rifle to another level.  By considering and using these upgrades you will prepare your AK47 for sale.

The AR is perceived by many individuals as the epitome of all customizable and modular weapon platforms.  Handguards, charging handles, triggers, safeties, stocks, grips, and the uppers - literally all parts of a rifle - can be swapped or exchanged without too much difficulty; in fact, manufacturers are able to produce dozens of parts for the same gun without problems.

On the other hand, it can be complicated to customize the AK47 gun and some of its varying models.  The aftermarket for significant upgrades to this gun with its components has always been restricted, and the rifle's unique design makes it less conducive to personalization.  The traditional AK rifle was developed during a period when the iron was a good product for all soldiers and when wood stocks were all that was needed.

In addition, the majority of AK rifle owners continue to prefer this type of rifle with its original wood and iron furniture sights.  In fact, some people go to the extent of mocking individuals who attempt to modify an AK rifle.  There are various memes making the rounds online in blogs and forums dismissing the idea of upgrading or customizing the AK47 rifle in any way.

Fortunately, not all individuals are against the idea of personalizing their AK47 rifle and gun manufacturers are now able to offer a plethora of products that will assist the shooter in taking their rifle to a new level.  While the AK rifle option lacks the modularity seen with the AR or other types of aftermarket parts; there are various accessory options available and AK rifle upgrades are possible for rifle owners with new options being available each year.

This article will discuss the various components and methods of improving the performance and functionality of your AK gun.  While it is not a completely comprehensive piece of feedback, it is enough to gain any owner of an AK47's interest and prepare their AK47 for sale.


1.  The Triggers

One of the simplest rifle upgrades to obtain for greater accuracy is the installation of a better trigger.  While the AK47 rifle and all of its variants are well-known to have poor accuracy, some of the pre-installed triggers available with the rifle will not do any good.  Various gun manufacturers may be able to provide more effective triggers for these rifles and this will result in you hitting more of your shooting targets.

2.  The Grips

While a grip is less significant as compared to a trigger, a comfortable grip con contribute to how well a person holds the rifle and finding one that conforms to your hand is essential.  Some individuals feel that default grips available on AK rifles are not suitable, and it is now possible to obtain an upgrade for these AK rifle grips.  Nowadays, many manufacturers provide diverse grip alternatives for AK rifles.

3.  The Stock

Replacing an AK47 rifle stock is potentially one of the simplest means of improving the gun's ergonomics and various manufacturers are now producing this type of stock.  There are various stock options currently available ranging from adjustable metallic and polymer folding stocks to fixed synthetic and wood stocks.  If you add adapters to the rifle, the AK gun will be able to accept any type of stock and your stock options will become unlimited.

4.  The Hand Guard Or Forends

While it is simpler to swap a hand guard on an AR rifle than on an AK rifle as the latter may require some specialized fitting, it may be worthwhile to perform an upgrade for those who choose to swap.  The majority of AK forends lack attachment points for accessories and optics.  The majority of modern aftermarket handguards and forends present with attachment points for these accessories and they typically come in the form of Picatinny rail sections.  This offers the rifle user an unlimited number of customization options.  Furthermore, there are aftermarket handguards and forends that will be easier to use than the traditional options.  It is for this reason that an upgrade on handguards would be beneficial if you are looking to "tweak" the rifle.

5.  The Muzzle Devices

Opting for a new muzzle device is one of the simplest upgrades to perform on an AK rifle.  The majority of manufacturers in this industry offer brakes with other components that are compatible with most AK guns; therefore, there are countless muzzles for you to use as a means of boosting the rifle's capabilities.

6.  The Magazine

Utilizing a different rifle magazine can also be highly beneficial to enhance the functionality and appearance of the rifle.  For AK guns, there are various options available on the market; however, the majority of AK47 magazines are not produced locally.

7.  Additional Accessories

While there are many less relevant accessories and components for the AK gun owner to consider, there are still additional accessories that should be examined.  Two of the lease commonplace options are the enhanced safety lever and the trigger pin retaining plate.  The enhanced safety lever will ease the use of the rifle and the retaining plate will make the installation of fire controls more natural.


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