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Addressing The Red Dot Sight & Why It's A Perfect Fit For Your Rifle

Posted on 12 Jan 2018
Addressing The Red Dot Sight & Why It's A Perfect Fit For Your Rifle

5 Reasons Why A Red Dot Should Be Added To Your Rifle

On a majority of entry-level AR-15 rifles as well as some other firearms, iron sights have become standard equipment.  There are many benefits to iron sights.  In general, they adjust quickly and easily for elevation (front sight) and windage (rear sight), they are durable, and learning how to properly use them goes a very long ways towards becoming a competent marksman.

Despite being very practical, however, irons still do have some limitations.  The following are five reasons why you should think about your AR having a red dot added to it.

1. Target Acquired Faster

AR15 Scopes 

Shoulder your rifle, place the dot on the target, and then bang.  There is no front or rear sight alignment, and no mental reminder is necessary to stay focused on your front sight when the natural inclination is, of course, to look at your target.  That is the biggest advantage that the red dot offers. 

There are some purists out there who scoff at this idea and say it is the cheater's way of getting past an old skill, and telling users of the red dot that their battery could die someday at a very inconvenient time. I will agree with them that those things are both true, in addition to recommending to use one of the many sights that are available in the marketplace that let the user co-witness, which means to use one of irons along with an attached electronic sight.  That is why BUIS (short for backup iron sights) is a common nickname for irons. 

2. Improved Accuracy At A Distance

In addition to being able to find the target more quickly, a properly zeroed red practically eliminated doubt in terms of where to aim at a target from a longer distance.  There is a window of judgment when it comes to the front sight's position in the rear while looking at a target through a BUIS.  However, a majority of red dots provide a precise aiming point.  There, of course, becomes a point when you will need to use a reticle and magnifying scope for distance shooting.   However, on distances of up to about 200 yards, or even at long distances and on larger targets, the non-magnifying, the basic red dot is the perfect shooter's aide.      

3. Eye Limitations Are Compensated For 

It is challenging for many shooters to focus on their front sight after the AR is on target.  This can be due to either physical limitations with their eye which prevent the object from about arm's length from coming into focus or it is too tempting to just focus on the actual target.  For shooters, this is frequently an unwelcome development, when their eyesight is undergoing changes that are age-related.   

It is very easy to use a red dot and frequently can eliminate or reduce the physical or psychological barriers to properly aim.  Although a non-magnifying unit is unable to make small targets look larger, the sights can help to enhance the confidence of a shooter in being able to aim at small targets properly.  Numerous models also lend themselves to an extra magnifying accessory.  However, there are some costs that are associated with this advantage.  In general, the dual accessories eat up the "rail estate" that is occupied by the rear iron, and visual distortions may occur at some distances or conditions.

4. Shooting Is Easier In Dim-Light Conditions  

With red dot optics, they are not able to cast light on a target.  However, compared to plain black BUIS they outshine them when it comes to providing a clear point of aim when there is a lack of ambient light.  Since a majority of varmint hunting and defensive encounters don't take place in broad daylight, hours of the usefulness of your AR and AR15 scopes can be expanded by a red dot. 

A sight that has adjustable brightness really can be valuable when it comes to having the ability to go from daylight into conditions that are darker.  A high-quality red dot optic can enable a user to select from several different brightness settings.  

5. More Solid Choices Than Ever Before At Entry-Level Prices

The electronic sight marketplace for years was very crowded at the extreme expense ends, and price and quality were almost always commensurate.  It still mostly true that a $60 sight and mount combination purchased on eBay is not going to hold anything and will not satisfy a responsible shooter's need for accuracy.  These days, there is a wide range of options that are available that will provide good accuracy and many years of service.  

There are, of course, premium mounting gear and optics that are available as well.  They have delivered performance that has enabled me to place rounds in the places that I wanted them to go, and within a reasonable distance as well. 

Get Training

Just because you have a new accessory such as red dot doesn't mean you are an expert shooter all of a sudden.  To operate an AR red dot responsibly you need to know what the mechanical offset effect is of your optic and bore and you also need to understand what the right zero is for your engagements.  Make sure to get good training and also practice on a regular basis.

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