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Learn About The UZI From Atlantic Firearms

Posted on 22 Feb 2018
Learn About The UZI From Atlantic Firearms

The Life & History Of The Uzi 

Uziel Gal (1924-2002) developed the UZI (which was where the name comes from).  He was an Israeli army captain who was the winner of an internal competition for a new submachine gun design.  The initial prototypes made their appearance in 1950 and then soon after selected units were issued the first production batches for field testing.  Prior to the 1956 Sinai Campaign, an improved design came out, and it was during this desert war when the UZI emerged as the winner in very demanding surroundings.     

It turned out that the UZI was also surprisingly accurate in addition to being highly reliable for this kind of weapon, and quickly caught the attention of the international firearms community.  The original wood stock was replaced during the 1960s with a folding metal stock and also the UZI was licensed to be produced by the Belgian firearms company called FN.

UZI For Sale

Israel Military Industries (IMI) - the original manufacturer of the UZI - hasn't been resting on its laurels and also developed several different variants.  They include the Mini-Uzi, which is lighter and shorter compared to the standard model; even shorter is the Micro Uzi, which is about the same size as a big handgun; and the Uzi Pistol is another version - which is a semi-automatic variant of the Micro.  Thre have also been some small production sale customized versions that have been released as well. 

Not only did the UZI gain its fame in combat, but as a favorite of security services and elite forces.  In 1981, when there was an attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, news cameras caught one of President Reagan's bodyguards pull an UZI out from his jacket.  The UZI in subsequent years became regularly feature in numerous action movies and seen being used by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  

Today, more than fifty years later in service by the leading defense forces in the world, the UZI family has an honorable place in firearms history.  Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), was a new company that was launched from a private spin-off of the original small arms division of IMI continues developing and producing the UZI.

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