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Looking Further Into The Best Defensive Cartridge

Posted on 12 Jan 2018
Looking Further Into The Best Defensive Cartridge

The 9mm Luger - The Best Multifaceted Defensive Cartridge

Different cartridges are designed for various specific situations, but none can compare to the 9mm Luger when it comes to accuracy, power, and economy.

Over the years, the prices for handgun and ammunition have sored yet many still opt for the 9mm, which has turned into a crowd favorite.

The .40 and .45 are top contenders but often fall short when ranked alongside the 9mm. The .40 S&W suits police work and the .40 has a snappy recoil that is usually a negative element that makes some gun owner consider using other option, more so if the 9mm is on available. The 9mm does pack a mean punch, but even then, it does not take a giant to tame such power.

A female shooter that knows how to handle a gun can control the 9mm just as a male shooter would. Perhaps that is why the caliber is a hot sale that has surpassed the 45. The Ruger's SR1911 is a favorite piece that has earned many accolades because of its lightweight aluminum frame suitable for concealed carry licenses and its small kick.

You Do Not Need A Firearms License

The German Luger was introduced back in 1902 as a German Service cartridge and has gained significant fame since then when the first sub-machine guns have 9mm Luger cartridge chambers.

Later on, in 1935, the world would develop a deep love for the Browning Hi-Power as the ideal service pistol, something that would be common in over 100 countries. The Sten & Sterling 9mm SMG would then role the scenes after the second world war. However, the 9mm Luger would only become the talk of the day when Poland decided that is was the ideal piece to replace their Radom pistol, a choice based purely on the performance of the 9mm.

The spotlight shot even the more when the Walther P38 came along, and the U.S. would then opt for the modified P38 which was a Beretta 92 pistol.

Even with the history of the 9mm, there are other features about this pistol that make is a favorite for many. Moving on to something heavier is somewhat and eventuality for many shooters, but their journey will often start with the 9mm Luger cartridge. Starting off with a piece that recoils too much will usually discourage many shooters and impede their skills-growth. 

Besides the minimal recoil of the 9mm, it also is a cartridge with economic benefits. Its ammunition full metal jackets are not that pricy, and thus it is a huge save particulars for shooters seeking not spend less when at the range. Brownells, Cabela's and Midsouth Shooters are some of the places with fantastic bargains with prices that are often half of what it would cost for the .40 and .45 caliber loads.

Regarding ballistics, the .357 Magnum, .45ACP or the .40 S&W will wound significantly than the 9mm. But the 9mm Luger can still do the job is it has the right load with the proper integrity and quality control; this should always come first. Differ makers will score differently when it comes to bullet technology, primer seal or case mouth and quality control.

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Notably, some of the top-pick guns such as the Glock 19, SIG P226, Beretta 92, and the HK VP9 are made with the 9mm Luger caliber. The mentioned guns are famed for their accuracy and extreme reliability.

Also on the list are the Glock 26, Smith and Wesson Shield, and the Springfield XD which are rated at the top choice when it comes to compact carry guns. The Arex Rex Zero and the Ruger SR1911 have also become a top choice for many since they started using the 9mm. 

The 9mm may not be what you would pick when facing a ferocious ravenous animal, but it can suffice during those moments when you need something that packs enough power and has a proper load for personal defense.

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