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Zastava Arms M93 Rifle .50 BMG Black Arrow

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Zastava Arms M93 Rifle .50 BMG Black Arrow Features

  • Zastava Arms Import

  • Long range rifle M93

  • Combat Proven Self Leveling Design

  • Integrated Folding Bipod

  • Quick Detach Scope Mount

  • Muzzle Brake, Reducing Felt Recoil by 62%

  • Effective Range of 1800 Yards/One Mile

  • Muzzle Velocity - 2,665 fps

  • Mauser Type Rotating Bolt Action

  • Five Round Detachable Magazine

  • Heavy Fluted Chrome Lined Barrel

  • Wooden Storage/Transportation Case

  • Caliber 50 BMG

  • Tools

  • Accessories

  • Carrying case/ holster

  • Bag for spare tools and accessories

  • Ammunition bag

  • Ear protection

  • Handling and maintenance manuals 

The Zastava Black Arrow Long range rifle M93 is designed on the basis of Mauser action M98, which is proven to be a precise and reliable system of bolt-action guns. Its purpose is elimination of various types of targets at large distances, up to 1,800 m, in all environments.

Cold forged heavy barrel with chrome plated interior provides exceptional precision at large distances. Flutes on the exterior provide faster cooling for the heavy duty precision barrel.

Apart from Picatinny rail, the rifle has folding iron sights for aiming at distances up to 400 m.

Muzzle break significantly reduces the recoil of the weapon (up to 62%) and facilitates shooting and better recovery for follow up shots.

Handguard and stock are made of polymer, reinforced with glass fibers. Stock has buffers that reduce the effect of recoil on the shooter.

Adjustable folding bipod can be adapted to fit various terrains.

Optic Not Included



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