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AK47 RANGE PACK Features


  • Made in USA
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • 100% Steel Construction
  • Stainless steel torque arm
  • 400% Stronger than generic C-clamp style units
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Hardened steel (body and pusher)

  • Clear zinc plated for severe outdoor corrosion resistance

  • Stainless steel (torque arm)

  • Length 4.50 inches x width 1.750 inches diameter x height 0.750 inches

  • Weight 10.6 oz



This Magna-matic site tool and AK operators boot camp booklet will get you started off right learning and composing necessary data to dial in your AK rifle! 

AK Bootcamp Booklet is in 8.25” x 6” size so it easily fits into the cargo pants pocket. This book contains data about zeroing your AK in 7.62x39mm rifles (how to make adjustments and what they really mean). Book also has ballistic data tables for different types of “Zero”. AK Bootcamp booklet provides also to user ideas about different aiming styles with Iron Sights, explains ACSS reticle, has basic info about red dots sizes for up to 300yds, has overview of shooting positions and more! 
However, most importantly, it is data recording book for your rifle, so you can track and record your rifle performance at different ranges in different weather conditions. This book will allow shooter to create organized database, unique to his rifle, so when there is a need for that “firstshot”, that first shot will be made based on solid, recorded data and not on “guess”


Atlantic Firearms has teamed up with Magna-Matic to bring you the best sight tool on the market.

The AKFST line of AK-47 front sight tools are the first AK front sight tool to be made to the levels of strength and durability the AK end user or manufacturer expects. No extra tools are required. The AKFST also makes range adjustments even easier, don't let a frozen AK front sight force you to run back to your shop to make adjustments. The UNBREAKABLE AKFST is 400% stronger than the current generic “C-clamp” type tools. Now with the AKFST you’ll never have to re-buy a front sight tool due to breakage on a frozen AK sight.

The AKFST has a limited life-time warranty.

The 4.5 inch long torque arm provides a greater accuracy in sight adjustment, because with a longer lever it requires less pressure to make a smaller motion. Which allows you to be more sensitive in your adjustment. WINDAGE! The ultra-strong full-circle clamp provides 100% positive contact to the sight post. The heavy-duty full-circle clamp and over-sized push rod provides the strength to move the most stubborn frozen sight. Perfect alignment of the drum is easy by viewing the drum through the sight adjustment port of the AKFST. ELEVATION! The precision machined tip of this adjustable T-handle wrench seats onto the sight post to give you a 100% positive hold on even the most frozen of sight posts. The long lever, which is able to be positioned for greater leverage makes adjustment simple and easy. Note: the T-handle rod can slide to any position to provide more leverage, all images are shown with max leverage.

Rifle Compatiblity List
Bulgarian - AK101 / SLR95 / SSR-99 / SA85 / AK103 / Krink-tool must be turned upside-down
Czech - VZ-58
Chinese - Type 84 / MAK90 / Polytec / SVD Egyptian - Maadi 
Romanian - WASR 1,2,3 / SAR 1,2,3 /WUM / CUR / PAR 1,2,3 / AES-10A / AES-10B / PSL / SSG-97
Polish - Tantal
Russian - AK-47 / AKM / AK-74 / RPK-47 / RPK-74 / SVD Dragunov / Tiger / Saiga Rifles all / Dinzag Siaga 12 front sight bases
Yugo - M70 / RPK
Most - SKS Rifles
**The AKFST will not fit  Hooded Front Sights- AK-104 style gas blocks or Yugo M92 "Krink"

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