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Omega SD Barreled Receiver-MAD MAX MP5 Bolt Head

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Omega SD Barreled Receiver- MAD MAX MP5 Bolt Head


9mm Semi Auto Roller Lock built by Omega featuring the MAD MAX MP5 Bolt head. Roller lock firearms weak spot is the extractor spring and the MAX virtually eliminates this issue with semi & full auto sear pack guns comes with full auto bolt and bolt carrier. This is the perfect pistol to make your 922 R compliant short-barreled rifle project or use with your full auto sear pack as a host gun. The unit transfers as a receiver and does not require any special NFA paperwork. After you take possession of the barreled receiver you can add your favorite trigger pack and suppressor. Atlantic Firearms offers a wide selection of roller lock guns for the shooting enthusiast and we were in search of a weapon that would combine High Quality parts, awesome features and a reasonable price. We contacted the roller lock parts leader in the country HK  for recommendations and suggestions on quality parts to be used in this build. The Omega series was born from this collaborative effort between Atlantic and HK Each gun is hand built with attention to detail and goes through a rigorous 31 point Quality Check including 30 rounds of ammunition fired before final approval. 


The SD barrel thread pitch is 18x1mm
The SD shroud has a 1.625" inside dia.
The barrels are ported at the base of the barrel similar to the original design.
Do not shoot the Firearm with out a faux suppressor or real suppressor installed ! offers a faux suppressor for those who want the look but not the NFA paperwork.
Will Only work with SD Style 18x1mm Suppressor 

The Omega series has a impressive list of features not only with the parts used but also the build quality. A few to mention are all Tri lugs are properly timed at the 12 O'clock position and laser bore sighted to insure a straight build. Receiver flats are correctly rolled and weld are proper and cosmetically appealing. Front sights are pressed on and pinned just like the Original build process in Germany and they are not welded on like some others. Head Space is checked multiple times through out the build to insure tight build specs from beginning to end . The finish of the gun is outstanding and has a base of Parkerization with an Epoxy paint final coat that is nearly indestructible.This proprietary finish coats the entire firearm inside and out with a consistent .003 thick finish that is gorgeous and rivals some custom high end guns. 


The barreled Receiver is the serialized portion of the Roller lock firearm and must be shipped to a FFL dealer for transfer.This is not an AR15 style firearm upper.

Please Note : These are pistol Barreled Uppers & will be shipped FEDEX 2 Day Express shipping.

 Listing is for the upper receiver, bolt and bolt carrier only. lower receiver, stock, suppressor NOT included 

Due to the wide variety of out of Spec mags on the market it is recommended to use original  mags or high quality equivalent . Poor quality magazines may cause multiple issues and is not covered by warranty. We suggest using decent quality ammunition with your firearm . Lower powered loads like Winchester White Box may not allow the Roller Lock Operating system to function properly.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.


Please Visit for all you Roller Lock parts needs including kits.


HK Suplied Parts list

    • Barrel - 5.75" with integral suppressor ports and 16 flute chamber with ultra desirable "nitiride" treatment inside & out for long life & unparalleled accuracy -  USA 922R
    • Trunion - Ordnance grade steel hardened to factory specs - USA 922R
    • Front sight tower - Fully billeted all steel, low profile sight tower with anti-snag tapered edges - USA
    • Latest Style "ambi" sling loop offering found on all the latest factory HK MP5 models - German HK
    • Fully stamped latest generation MP5 receiver with the most correct factory weldments available (there is no finer more correct US made receiver available) - 922R USA
    • Cocking tube end cap factory correct - All Steel - USA
    • Billeted Shroud & factory correct SD style rubber handguard - USA
    • Cocking tube - Latest MP5SD factory correct cocking tube - USA
    • Cocking tube support - All Steel machined from a solid billet -German/USA
    • Cocking handle - Latest German HK style with newer design & pattern - USA 922R
    • Roll pins & assembly hardware- Factory HK correct assembly hardware for all attachments
    • Magazine release assembly - Complete latest HK German style & anti rattle magazine release assembly (POF, MKE & other offerings do NOT have this newer style version) German/US
    • Recoil assembly - The finest SS micro polished recoil assembly available that is user serviceable (if you need to replace a recoil spring down the road) Germany, MKE, POF etc DO NOT offer this flexibility or option. This is simply the finest HK recoil assembly ever made or available -USA
    • Bolt head - TRUE MP5 F Styled bolt head. The first & ONLY true "F" spec bolt head with ALL of the latest German HK upgrades. - 922R USA
    • Bolt carrier - True latest & greatest MP5 F, tungsten filled F/A spec bolt carrier. Setup & ready to go for registered sear packs or post sample host guns. - 922R USA
    • Locking piece - 115 Degree true factory correct locking piece for the MP5 SD model - USA
    • Firing pin - Stainless steel firing pin for the utmost in corrosion resistance & durability - USA
    • Firing pin spring- Stainless steel for the utmost in corrosion resistance & durability - USA
    • True HK German rear sight assembly with factory correct MP5 spec rear sight drum - German/US
    • Pistol end cap with replaceable "H" recoil buffer - USA
    • HK push pin for end cap - German
    • Each barreled upper comes with ALL of the required US 922R compliant parts for an SBR or Rifle setup.

omega flag
To visit the Omega Guns web site click the link below
>>OMEGA Web Site<<

omega check list

 Atlantic Firearms Money Back Guarantee on Omega Products:

We are so confident in the parts supplied by HK and the build quality of Omega, that we will back this with a 14-day Money back guarantee.  You have 14 calendar days from delivery to your dealer to inspect the product and test fire the weapon.  If it is not as we have described, we will be glad to offer you a full refund of the price of the gun.  We do this because we know the item works well due to the extensive QC check list and test firing program.  If you have any concerns or a problem, please email our office with all your contact info.  There are limitations to this money back guarantee listed below.

• Any reported issues will be validated upon the return.  If we cannot duplicate the reported issue you will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee.

• Any returned items must include all original accessories, info and packaging. 

• Any returned items must be in an As-New-Condition.  Test firing is Ok but abusing the item and sending it back is not acceptable.

• You cannot modify the weapon or damage the finish and then return the item.

• These guns have been tested with Full auto sear packs and suppressors but we cannot guarantee your sear pack working if it is not timed correctly.

• We are not responsible for bad ammunition or improperly hand loaded ammo.

Ultimately we want you to be happy with the Omega product purchased from Atlantic. 

 Please Note : This item is not made by Heckler & Koch USA or Germany also referred to as HK. The item is a US built firearm with a reliable roller lock operating system . Please do not confuse the origin or affiliation of this item . If you have any questions please feel free to ask prior to purchase .


 WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - 

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