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KREBS Milled AK47 AC-15M™

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Milled AK47 7.62x39mm Rifle

The Krebs Custom AC-15 is the ultimate evolution of the AK rifle. Krebs starts with a standard Milled  C39V2 AK rifle, strips it down, then rebuilds it from the ground up. Barrel is profiled and shortened to 14.5”, muzzle device is pinned & welded in place and New Gas Block front sight combo Installed, sights are aligned, all moving parts are fit, updated parts are installed and the rifle is refinished with extremely durable Krebs Kote.  Krebs Custom also installs his new integrated co-witnessable red dot mount. The end result is a rifle that is peerless in the industry in terms of fit, finish and overall quality & Very Accurate !!.


Krebs Custom 4-prong flash suppressor – completely eliminates flash.  Over this can be added a ¾ “birdcage” compensator which minimizes muzzle climb & flash – allowing the shooter to better maintain sight picture for follow-up shots. 


Muzzle device is pinned & welded in place


Barrel is profiled and shortened to 14.5”, precision-crowned, & threaded – which aids with accuracy and the “handiness’ of the rifle.


Front sight & gas block are removed and replaced with KCI CHROME-LINED front sight/gas block made from 4140 steel, hardened to 40 Rockwell.  Our front sight/gas block uses a standard AR-15 front sight post that is adjustable for elevation.


Rear sight support scope rail – made from 4140 steel hardened to 40 Rockwell – insures solid mounting point for electronic “dot” scope & accommodates “co-witnessing” of iron & electronic sights.


Trigger parts are machined & polished to provide a smooth & light 2-stage Krebs Custom trigger pull.


Custom Mk 6 Enhanced safety allows shooter to manipulate safety without removing their hand from the pistol grip, and provides a MANUAL bolt-hold-open.


Krebs Custom Trigger Pin Retaining Plate insures greater pin stability.


Trigger guard is polished & radiused to reduce stamped metal markings & insure shooter comfort.


Op Handle is rounded & “dehorned” for greater shooter comfort.


Receiver cover is reinforced.  Receiver-cover reinforcement plate and wedge-lock recoil system insures NO movement of receiver cover-mounted rear sight, & a return to “zero” when re-installed.

AR-15-type rear sight (w/ Rapidwex windage knob) installed on receiver cover – provides a 63% increase of the sight radius.

Iron sights and scope rails are laser bore-sighted to provide “centered” sight picture.
Rifle refinished with flat-black, baked-on, rust-proof, solvent-proof, synthetic alkyd KrebsCoat finish.

The wood furniture is standard AK format and you can easily switch this out with other AK sets if you would like to accessorize your gun .

Please note:  Wood Color and Finish may Vary slightly , wood is a Natural product and may not perfectly match pictures.  DOES NOT INCLUDE OPTIC IN PICTURES 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you live in a magazine restricted state and the magazine that comes with the firearm would be illegal, we will remove the magazine from the order and ship the firearm to your FFL dealer without the magazine. We cannot ship prohibited magazines to out of state addresses and we cannot alter or customize magazines at this time. There will be no substitutions or discounts for removal of magazines or any other custom magazine

California Customers : Atlantic would be glad to ship this item to CA. The rifle will have a mag lock installed and we will remove the magazine before shipping the firearm to your FFL dealer. Please discuss the purchase with your FFL transfer dealer before ordering. Please add the rifle to your cart and then go to the California Legal section and add the California Legal AK47/74 Bullet Button option to your cart this is also listed at the bottom of this page.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.

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