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Colt Law Enforcement Carbine M4 Civilan Legal

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Colt Law Enforcement Carbine M4 6920 Style Designed for Military & Law Enforcement use but also legal for Civilians to own with out any special paperwork. These are the highly sought after AR15 semia auto rifles that our proud armed forces use all of the world.

Designed specifically for lightweight mobility, speed of target acquisition, and potent firepower capability - This specially designed law enforcement weapon system features many of the combat proven advantages of the military Colt M4 & marked Colt Law Enforcement Carbine. With the 4-position buttstock fully retracted, the Colt 6920 is less than 30.5 in (77.5 cm) in length and weighs only 6.8 lb (3.08 kg) - ideal for tactical deployment and traditional patrol. handguard has dual aluminum shielding for more effective heat protection caliber 5.56x45 NATO (.223 Rem.) weight 6.95 lbs (3.15 kg) overall length (stock retracted) 32 in. (81.28 cm) overall length (stock extended) 35.5 in. (90.17 cm) barrel length 16.1 in. (36.8 cm) rate of fire SEMI rifling 1/7 RH effective range 600 m


PLEASE NOTE:  If you live in a magazine restricted state and the magazine that comes with the firearm would be illegal, we will remove the magazine from the order and ship the firearm to the dealer without the magazine. We cannot ship magazines to out of state addresses and we cannot alter or customize magazines at this time. There will be no discounts for removal of magazines or other custom magazine options offered. If you are located in California and are purchasing a rifle we will be glad to send the mag to the FFL dealer as a parts kit. It is your responsibility to discuss this in advance with your dealer. We do not offer parts kits to any other states since it is only legal in CA. 

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.

California Customers :: We will be glad to ship this item to CA the rifle will have mag lock installed and a 10 round aftermarket mag for CA compliance. Please discuss the purchase with your transfer dealer before ordering . Please add the rifle to your cart and then go to the California Legal section and add the AR15 Bullet Button option to your cart this is also listed at the bottom of this page.

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