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Arsenal Russian AK 74 Rifle SGL 31-62

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Finally, a GENUINE RUSSIAN made AK-74 rifle in the popular 5.45x39.5 caliber. The brainchild of two of the best gun makers in the world, the SGL31-62 rifle is manufactured at the world-famous Izhmash Factory in Russia (Legion subsidiary) and remanufactured by Arsenal Inc., Las Vegas into its final configuration.

“Now you can own a real Russian AK-74 without having to join the Russian military!” Built to last and be passed down to generations, the SGL31-62 is THE semi-auto version of the same AK-74 rifle (except the Plum furniture) currently issued to the members of the Russian military.

The absolute reliability and authenticity make the SGL31-62 the ONLY CHOICE for collectors, perfectionists, and AK enthusiasts alike. All authentic components, made according to the original technology, and detailed attention, which went into the manufacturing, make the SGL31-62 THE rifle you will be proud to own and show off to your friends at the shooting range. The ONLY truly configured AK-74 currently available in the US market that uses brand new Hammer Forged and Chrome Line barrel, the SGL31-62 offers the safety and reliability that you expect from your rifle, making it the highest quality AK-74 available on the market.

What do you get with the SGL31-62 that other companies cannot offer? A peace of mind that your rifle is assembled from only brand new Mil. Spec. factory components and that your rifle offers the best value for the money you have spent.

The SGL31-62 (AK-74) comes complete with a chrome lined hammer forged barrel, front sight block with bayonet lug and 24x1.5 right-hand threads, muzzle brake, U.S. made mil-spec PLUM color polymer stock set, standard mil-spec. handguards with stainless steel heat shield, Warsaw Pact length buttstock, U.S. made double stage trigger group, 1000 meter rear sight leaf, scope rail, accessory lug. Comes with One 10-round Russian magazine, but accepts any standard military AK-74 Double Stack Mil. Spec. Magazine. Magazines are available in both 30-round and 45-round variations.

Manufacturer Markings Fime Group

Media: SPECIAL WEAPONS Magazine, Read more about it.


• Caliber: 5.45 x 39.5 mm

• Total Length: 927 mm (36 1/2 in.)

• Barrel Length: 415 mm (16.3 in.)

• Rifling: 4 grooves

• Twist Rate: 1 in 195 mm (7.68 in.)

• Weight without Magazine: 3.31 kg (7.30 lbs.)

• Muzzle Velocity: 900 m/s (2,953 fps)

• Effective Range: 500 m (550 yds)

• Maximum Range: 1,350 m (1,480 yds)

• Rear Sight Range: 1000 m (1,094 yds)

• Manufacturing that follows the strict guidelines set by M. T. Kalashnikov

• 100% brand new military spec parts and components

• Assembly that has been done with pride and attention to details

• Factory made brand new chrome lined hammer forged barrels

• The only AKs remanufactured in the US using NEW US made parts that are built to the original military specifications

• All U.S. made furniture (buttstocks, pistol grips, and handguards) are made using the actual molds that were used in manufacturing the original military rifles.

• Lower handguards that incorporate Arsenal Inc’s exclusive Stainless Steel heat shield that has been proven to be 50% more effective at dissipating heat than all other heat shields available

• All rifles are test fired to ensure reliability and accuracy before leaving the Arsenal Inc. factory

•A 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

PLEASE NOTE:  If you live in a magazine restricted state and the magazine that comes with the firearm would be illegal, we will remove the magazine from the order and ship the firearm to the dealer without the magazine. We cannot ship magazines to out of state addresses and we cannot alter or customize magazines at this time. There will be no discounts for removal of magazines or other custom magazine options offered. If you are located in California and are purchasing a rifle we will be glad to send the mag to the FFL dealer as a parts kit. It is your responsibility to discuss this in advance with your dealer. We do not offer parts kits to any other states since it is only legal in CA.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.

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