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AR15 Gas Piston Retrofit Kit

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 AR15 Gas Piston Retrofit Kit , with this you can convert your existing AR15 Carbine into a low-pressure, long-stroke gas piston design. Why a long stroke? In order to keep from "hammering" the bolt as the short stroke designs do. We have slowed down the acceleration of the bolt mass and instead accelerated it over a greater distance. The result is less shock forces on the system, longer lasting parts and reliable feeding. It's the difference between unlocking your bolt with a ball peen hammer or accelerating it on a cushion of air! The gas piston will eliminate all of the dirty design features of the existing AR15 platform and increase reliability in harsh environmental conditions and reduce the amount of daily rifle cleaning necessary. The GAS piston assembly kit is now available for short barrels with the following barrel diameters (measured 1.5 inches inbord of the site): 0.875, 0.850, or 0.640. This covers most barrels in the 16" barrel range including the M4. The kit includes all the items shown in the  top picture and detailed installation instructions .

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