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    WOLF Performance Ammunition

    WOLF Performance Ammunition continues to be the leader in top-quality ammunition at an affordable price.

    Wolf offers a variety of economically-priced lines for the shooter who enjoys high volume shooting. You will find Their military caliber mainstays in the WOLF Performance, WOLF PolyFormance, and WOLF Military Classic lines. These feature The proprietary PolyFormance coating that ensures smoother feeding and extraction. The exception to this is Their 6.5 Grendel steel-cased ammunition, which features an exclusive Combat Coating. These calibers are perfect for all of your recreational, competitive, and tactical shooting needs.

    We also have Their WOLF Gold line where you will find high quality, yet affordable, brass-cased ammunition. These are loaded with consistency, precision, and accuracy in mind. Their WOLF Gold is manufactured with premium components that ensure excellent performance and reliability. They offer a wide variety of loads for tactical, hunting, and collectible firearms. The latest addition to the WOLF Gold line is Their .223 55gr FMJ. Try it. Its quality and performance are guaranteed to impress.

    Their WOLF Shotshells are competition winning and come in a wide selection. Their most popular would be the Rifled Slug and Buckshot for their hunting and tactical applications.

    Their WOLF Rimfire has few peers when it comes to winning competitions. It’s Olympic grade and one of the most consistent and accurate .22 Rimfire cartridges available on the market. We could go on and on about it, but words just won’t do it justice. You have to try it yourself.

    Their WOLF Performance Primers offer precision uniformity and sure-fire ignition that make them the premier choice of demanding handloaders and competition shooters.


    WOLF is the only ammunition company that provides a 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied WOLF will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition, including any freight charges!

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