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  • M+M Industries

    M+M, Inc. was founded in 2005. The company began by specializing in importing a variety of European firearms and firearms related accessories. To this day M+M, Inc. remains true to the values that they brought to the business from its inception: Accuracy-Quality-Reliability-Integrit.  In the early years M+M, Inc. started focusing on importing high-quality surplus Swiss firearms. During one of the many European trips one of the founders recognized an opportunity and began researching sources for importing and manufacturing weapons from former Soviet-bloc countries. They specifically looked for an opportunity to import and brand a high-quality AK­47 style rifle. After evaluating several options, they eventually settled on a Romanian supplier to produce parts according to the company’s specifications. The selected manufacturer was F.A.C. Cugir. The AK variant manufactured by F.A.C. Cugir is imported to Colorado. The rifles are disassembled then reassembled into their current configuration in strict adherence to 922R compliance requirements and M+M’s strict quality controls.  In 2014, through a collaborative effort, a design for a new type of rifle began to take shape. The new rifle, designated the M10, is a revolutionary modular platform for accurately and reliably delivering a 7.62×39 round.  In addition to the production of the M10, M+M, Inc. also produces AK accessories such as trigger groups, muzzle brakes, magazines, scope mounts, scopes, magazine release lever kits and other replacement or improved parts for the AK. M+M, Inc. is constantly searching for new ways and products to enhance the firearms shooting experience.

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