AF SITREP Update:  Week of 6/7 Fox AK 47 Rifles in Russian Red & Plum will be released on Tues. Ammunition inventory continues to improve and many calibers in stock. FB Radom Polish Mini Beryl pistols arriving in the next 7 days. Many different styles of AK47 rifles in stock. SDS Bullpup shotguns just arrived at $299.00 and up. PTR 9CT & PTR 9KT pistols in stock. AK47 home build kits with barrels later this week. Bula Defense and Springfield Armory M14 rifles in stock. New items arriving daily and most orders shipping out very quickly!


I.O Inc

I.O. has been in business for over 20 years during that time they have imported many collectible firearms, parts, ammunition and accessories.  In 2008 they took a look at what was out there on the AK-47 platform.  They took initiative and started producing their own American-made AKs in Florida, and since then we have made many improvements, both in their design and in the manufacturing process to bring you an AK with the highest level of quality and dependability. Their rifles go through a vigorous inspection process after assembly. Every rifle they make is test fired with 3 rounds and then checked for blemishes or imperfections by 3 different people (two gunsmiths and one manager).  After that the rifles are sent directly to our shipping department and go out to our distributors and then later to our customers. 

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