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Echo Nine Three

Echo Nine Three was established in 2010 by Joe Elledge.  After many years of Law Enforcement service, Mr. Elledge went on serve as an Instructor for the Afghan Border Police as part of the US Department of Defense’s Counter Narco-Terrorism Program. While deployed Mr. Elledge trained the Afghan Border Police in the use of Russian weapon platforms (AK-47, GP-25, RPK, PKM, NSV and RPG). With an already established background as a Police Instructor and Armorer. Mr. Elledge soon discovered that the AK series of rifles had a shortcoming, the ability to connect a modern sling system.


The idea for the V1 sling adaptor came from an incident where a Chinese Type 56-1 (under folder) that was carried by a fellow Instructor had the rear swivel break off. With no other point on this weapon to attach his single point sling. The fellow Instructor challenged Mr. Elledge to devise a way to connect the sling. Mr. Elledge took a small section of 550 cord, cut a notch in the rear of the grip, ran the 550 cord through it creating a loop.  This was posted on the Internet and became a popular DIY modification.


The V1 is essentially a metallic version of this simple idea. The V1 was made to fit most AK variants (solid stock, side folder, under folder and various aftermarket types).  It could even be modified to fit the popular AMD-65. As the V1 was adaptable to most AK variants, it was not optimal for many. Echo Nine Three then set out to refine and expand on the original idea. Echo Nine Three now offers 13 different sling adaptor variants to accommodate all of the AK variants, shooting styles and even sling types.


To compliment the sling adaptors, Echo Nine Three created a line of slings that was born of the same in theatre experience. Both the Dual Mode Sling (DMS) and Seat Belt Sling (SBS) are optimized to be cross platform pieces of equipment. They are simple, rugged and effective. They are perfect for use on M4’s and Shotguns as well.


Echo Nine Three will remain dedicated to it's craft of innovation, education and service to the shooting community.


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