Inventory UPDATE :   Week of 5/17, KR-103 Rifle giveaway winner to be announced,  AR15 rifles are in stock, Hope to see Polish FOX AK47 Rifles late in the week.Surplus Yugoslavian 762x39 Ammo arriving Tues or Wed. Law Grade Buckshot & Shotgun Slugs in stock. Great selection of Tactical Shotguns and Bull pups ready to roll. AK47, AR15, MP5 and other magazines in stock. Stribog 9mm Pistols arriving this week. New items arriving daily and most orders shipping out very quickly!

Bula Defense Systems

Atlantic is proud to offer Bula Defense Firearms! Bula Defense Systems is an American manufacturer and custom builder of precision firearms. Bula Defense's commitment to quality is unmatched in the firearms industry. Producing parts to industry standards and government specifications ensures that Bula Defense firearms and components are precise, reliable, and accurate! Bula Defense started business in 1973 and offers a wide variety of of items including Bomb mounts, Cannon hardware, .50 cal Machine gun mounts and more.They are the only company offering a Forged M14 based on Original USGI  Military drawings and provide M14 to the Dept of Defense. State of the art measurement capabilities including laser scanning, 7 axis portable measuring probes and two coordinate measuring machines all produced in an ISO-9001:2015 certified environment. Blending Old School M14 Designs with cutting edge machines allow Bula to produce the finest M14 Forged rifles in the world.



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