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  • Polish Imported WBP Fox AK47 Rifles at Atlantic Firearms

    Posted on 21 Oct 2018
    Polish Imported WBP Fox AK47 Rifles at Atlantic Firearms

    Atlantic is proud to announce the release of the new Polish imported WBP FOX AK47 Rifle! This semi auto 7.62x39 AKM is built in Poland by WBP Rogow. Blending historic Polish quality Kalashnikov build techniques with modern 21st century production has yielded a top quality rifle with collectible features that can be handed down from generation to generation. The Polish receiver is made on original FB Radom tooling and the rifle is loaded with new Mil Spec parts. These key quality features are the building blocks that the WBP technicians utilize to construct one of the nicest AKs available.

    Multiple models to choose from, with ether Wood Classic Style, Red Wood, Black Polymer and Plum Polymer Stock sets!

    Even a Beryl style model with FB Radom Beryl rail system and archer style muzzle brake included. How ever all of the FOX rifles can easily be upgraded to a Beryl Style rifle like we have done below, with no permanent or difficult modifications

    WBP Rogow and Atlantic Firearms are committed to bringing new quality imported AK47 rifles to the US market and hope to continue to develop quality firearms and strengthen the AK community for years to come! Check out the video below for a close look at WBP Rogow at work


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